Most Dependable Flatbed Trucking Companies
Work With The Most Dependable Flatbed Trucking Companies

JA Frate provides the MOST dependable service among flatbed trucking companies. We own and maintain a fleet of 48’ and 45’ flatbed trailers with tarps to handle the shipping needs of companies located in the metro areas of Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, and Gary, Indiana. With 24-hour advance notice, we can  ensure the right equipment for your exact requirements.

JA Nationwide provides flatbeds with tarps, Conestoga and step deck service throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

JA Flatbed Trucking Company
JA Frate Is The Proven Choice Among Flatbed Trucking Companies
  • Shipping services for U.S. Canada and Mexico
  • On time
  • On Budget
  • Dependable service