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Driving the Dependable Difference with Teamwork

Driving the Dependable Difference with Teamwork


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” 

H.E. Luccock 

The moment of triumph that occurs when a plan comes together successfully is exponentially correlated with the number of moving pieces or people that contributed times the sheer unlikelihood of success expected at the beginning to the power of the number of things that could have or almost did go wrong during the project. Regardless of how we try to set up the equation, the number is astronomical and the pride and joy our teams feel during their successes is just as expansive. 


Every day the team at JA Frate has to straddle a line between two competing forces - robust preparation and delicate planning; dedicated customer service and shrewd negotiations with vendors; honest updates and explanations of current situations and a positive attitude full of optimism despite how difficult our job can be. Granted our industry stays busy enough that we’re consistently rewarded with positive feedback, but those long-term projects with a massive national footprint are a celebration of the teamwork and expertise we have in our midst. 

In a recent project that included several companies across a variety of industries in a multitude of locations, we stretched to reach the potential that was once thought out of reach. From the leaders and managers who remained in constant contact with individual teams to communicate the needs and expectations all the way through to the on the ground teams who advised on the everyday pitfalls and offered effective and common-sense solutions; the talent we assembled offered a fresh perspective to seasoned experts and drove partnership and profitability through teamwork. 

Moving through the trucking and transportation industry like a well-oiled machine, we mix with so many other facets of logistics and stand-alone industries. Almost every single good we use in our daily life is delivered by a truck or spends time on a truck during transit so not only does the JA Frate team need to understand our own business, it behooves us to become as fluent as we can in the business of our customers. 

Investing ourselves in success outside our organization helps create a rising tide that lifts all boats. It’s our belief that we want to be at our best in every interaction but we also want to work with partners who are performing at the top of their game and we’re happy to facilitate that mutual success in our interactions. When our clients choose JA Frate it should always be because we are the best at what we do and not because another company underperformed. 

If you have a project that requires an expert partner with a proven track record and who is committed to our mutual success, contact your JA Frate representative today.