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Large and Oversized Cargo? Don't fret with JA Frate!

Large and Oversize Cargo made easy

Large and Oversized Cargo? Don't fret with JA Frate!

Getting large and oversized loads from one state to another can be a hassle. JA Frate moves several hundred units a year, each load requires its own permit, not to mention how each permit comes with many restrictions such as pilot cars, flags, lights, and even specific speeds along the route. It’s not unusual to have four or five pages of provisions attached to each permit, and it’s important to read through each one carefully. There can be restrictions on what route you can take or even what time one is allowed to take it.

There can be issues as simple as the GPS taking a different route than the permit requires, and there is also a likelihood of construction sites causing more violations. Changing lanes can be difficult for these oversized load carriers, and lane restrictions can result in an off-route violation. 

Violating these permit processes can run into tens of thousands of dollars in fines. But here at JA Frate, we know the ins and outs of permits and how they work. We take your cargo seriously and adhere to every detail of the permit granted to it. 

We watch out for details such as the legal vehicle size for a semi-trailer, whether you need a permit for each state, what is required for each municipality, other information you must provide, how to obtain a permit, what you need to know when moving the load, and whether or not you need to acquire a permit yourself. 

The short answer? No. The long answer? Let JA Frate handle that mess for you.

While you will need a permit for each state, most applications are online. The information for what each state requires may be different. To make matters worse, other states do not communicate each other's systems to each other, requiring an application for each state. And because each jurisdiction has its own permitting application process, you will need to check with each state or municipality to make sure you are under proper guidelines. 

Here at JA Frate, we are your traffic controller for over-the-road puzzles. We can get your cargo where you need it to go without a great deal of hassle on your end. We handle the big and small details of getting the permits necessary to move your cargo to its destination hassle free. So entrust us with your cargo if you don’t want the headache of dealing with the tiny details. You don’t need to worry about it, let us worry about it.