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Transloading "Cross-docking" Helps Drive Efficiency

JA Frate has a wide variety of service offerings, but today we’d like to focus on transloading. As a shipment travels from the arrival port to the final destination, it often stops at least once at a warehouse. While at the warehouse, the cargo will be transloaded into a truck to avoid expensive storage charges - if this is done instantaneously without stopping in the warehouse for any length of time, it’s called crossdocking.


Transloading is defined as moving a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. An example is when we move cargo from an ocean container to a truck or onto the rail. This process increases efficiency by creating a central point from where cargo can span out in different directions when delivering to retail or end destination.  


Transload fees are typically applied to cover for labor, de-consolidation at the warehouse, palletizing the freight, then loading it into the trucks for final delivery. This process is common for shipments that have multiple warehouse destinations that require cargo be palletized, repalletized and transferred. When new products launch and need to be distributed to 2000 individual stores across the country, transloading is how the magic happens. 


There are huge benefits to transloading, including increased supply chain versatility, lower overall costs, and freight consolidation to support inventory management. 


JA Frate understands that our clients have customers in diverse and remote locations. We use transloading to allow you to select the most suitable method based on available transportation routes, no longer limiting shipments to one mode of transportation. With fuel prices rising, transportation costs can be managed easily as transloading allows large amounts of freight to be consolidated into fewer shipments, providing a cost-effective solution. 


At JA Frate, we understand that the cargo journey doesn’t end at a port or railhead for our clients. It’s critical to us that we can offer end-to-end solutions that are specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of companies, products, schedules and your final customers. We work diligently to ensure your shipments have options to prevent or manage delays so your inventory levels can be sustained even in the face of logistics disruption and bottlenecks. If you want to know more about how we can customize your logistics plan and support your goals, reach out to your JA Frate representative today.