September was a month full of celebrations. 1st we gave our logo a much needed makeover, then we celebrated 3 Milestones: September 22nd marked the 45th anniversary of JA Frate and as if that wasn’t enough, this year also marks the 15th Year of JA Logistics, and our 10th year of JA Nationwide.

Last but certainly not least, we launched our new web site!

JA Frate Milestones

About the new JA

In getting ready for all of this excitement, we knew it was time for a brand new look on the web. The process began in 2015, after months of interviewing and scoping our project with potential vendors, we finally made a match with a progressive Chicago web design company. It was time to hit the ground running!!

We went from four disconnected sites to one new condensed, easy to use site all with our customers in mind. This new, fresh design brings all of our businesses together, where they belong.

Our customers have been driving our growth since our beginning 1971 as Jennings Air Frate, who you know today JA Frate. When they said “We need space!” we gave them JA Logistics, to handle their Midwest warehousing and distribution needs. When they said “GO farther!!” we gave them JA Nationwide, offering shipping, such as international air freight shipping, throughout the US, Canada and Mexico through our trusted partner carrier network.

As we grew, so did the number of websites we had. 2016 was the year to bring our all of our customers’ needs to one stop shop on the web!

We designed our new site to highlight all of our capabilities in one place. We focused our attention on making the site informative and easy to navigate.

No need for you to remember what JA Company provides what service and what web site to go to. We eliminated all of the individual company sites. We laid out our new consolidated web site in a clear way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. And if you can’t find it, all you need to do is Just Ask, we have the solution for you.

We couldn’t be happier with the results we have seen with our new site, and we are sure you will agree!!

No matter if you are looking for a midwest LTL carrier, TL shipping, Air or Ocean freight shipping, Import or Export, warehousing services such as chemical product warehousing, or a total distribution solution you need to look no further than .