Warehouse Inventory
Make JA Logistics Your Distribution Center

Is the size of your facility limiting your ability to grow your business? Do you need to convert your warehouse space into manufacturing space in order to increase production?

Grow Your Business Through Warehousing

With multiple warehouse locations in the Chicago metro area, JA Logistics is your Midwest Distribution Partner. We provide tailored warehouse solutions to support your business growth:

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory control
  • Pick and pack
  • Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution Rates

JA Logistics insures that our customers never spend more than needed on warehousing and distribution services. We have multiple warehouses located throughout the Chicago metro area. As an efficient and cost-effective distribution hub and warehousing company, we will work with you to design a tailored warehousing solution.

You’ll find some of the best warehousing and distribution rates available in Chicago, with comprehensive solutions that cover nearly every aspect of your operations. We have the resources needed to give your business an efficient and profitable warehousing and distribution operation.

To get started on a custom warehousing and distribution solution contact JA Logistics and we’ll work with you to meet your specifications. We offer a full line of domestic and international transportation that will fully support your supply chain.