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New Generation of Consumers Disrupts Buying Patterns

Changing Consumer Trends

As a result of the way this new generation of consumers' purchasing patterns have disrupted the predictability of demand, retailers that once relied on a Just-in-Time (JIT) model for manufacturing and stocking goods.


There’s a new generation of consumers that came of age through the pandemic, and they’re changing the way the world does business. Supply Chain Brain reports that these consumers aredigitally native, socially and eco-conscious.” What they buy, where it comes from, and how they buy it matters to them on an intrinsic level. Which means digitization because with digitization comes transparency. 


Analysts say that the pandemic accelerated the shift to e-commerce by four to six years, and everyone is scrambling to keep up. From infrastructure, transportation, and manufacturing, to retail strategies, everyone is facing challenges.


While retailers were once relying on a Just-in-Time (JIT) model for manufacturing and stocking goods, meaning that they kept a lower number of on hand inventory and a production schedule that relied heavily on quick modes of transportation, that’s no longer the best strategy for this new wave of consumers because of how their buying habits have destabilized demand predictability. They’re returning instead to a Just-in-Case (JIC) model, meaning that they have more inventory on hand to allow for higher customer satisfaction, because these consumers have access to more and more retailers embracing an on-demand model. If something is out of stock, they’re not going to wait for it to come in. In this easy-access marketplace, they’re simply going to buy it from somewhere else. 


While all signs are pointing to more digitization across the board, these new consumers aren’t the only demographic to be considered. Adding more technology and digitization meant to streamline processes are often challenging for aging populations. Ultimately, it will come down to efficiency and resources, the biggest of those being consumer data and once again being able to make reasonable assumptions about purchasing patterns. 


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