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JA Frate embraces four core values that guide our growth and success.

Customer Focused

Customer Focused

Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude.

Tim Gieseke, our JA Nationwide Logistics Coordinator was in the middle of giving blood one Saturday morning when our customer Chemtool called needing drums shipped out that day. Tim came into the office, found a carrier to pick up that day and deliver their product direct to Maine. Mission accomplished, happy customer!



Do what is right, not what is easy.

Doug asked us to take a pay cut after the 9/11 tragedy and the loss of two big customers in 2001. We all stood behind him during this rough time agreeing to take the 10% cut for the good of the company. Thankfully within a few months the company was getting back on track but it took a few years to start growing again. I hadn’t thought about it for years until he presented me and everyone still with JA a check reimbursing us for the missed income from five years prior at the annual Christmas party.

“Integrity starts with small details and daily actions but sometimes can best be summed up by how a man handles the tough times.” Joe Rhamey, Driver at JA Frate

Team Before Self

Team Before Self

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.

Driver 85 John Baumstark was making a delivery to one of our customers on a warm summer day when he discovered that they had a policy of no shorts allowed. Rather than call dispatch, tell them he was unable to make the deliver, then have to send another driver out, John took it upon himself to solve the problem. He drove to the nearest gas station and offered the clerk $10 to borrow a pair of uniform pants. John then made the delivery and promptly returned the pants!



The best is yet to come.

Many years ago, the team would rotate who worked Friday night. On one particular Friday night, driver 6 Jeff Jennings received a call from Flying Tigers at around 10:00pm. They had a hot shipment that needed to be picked up and driven directly to the ports in Charleston, South Carolina.

Jeff had the shipment picked up by midnight that evening and with the help of his co-driver they were able to get the shipment delivered on time and were escorted to drive the mine sweeping generator they were carrying directly onto the ship.

It is this kind of can-do optimism that our employees display every day that continues to drive our success today!

Track Your Domestic Shipment

To track a Domestic Shipment, enter your Pro # and click "Track".

As we looked to upgrade our shipping department, we knew we needed a 3PL that could take us to the next level. We felt after touring the JA facilities and discovering their capabilities that they would be the right choice for us. It’s been a great partnership. Our fulfillment process has went from being a concern to being a breeze by handing it over to JA. They’ve been a great partner who is focused on meeting our unique needs.

Consumer Goods

Phil Truck # 410 was so helpful, professional, considerate. He went out of his way to accommodate my request to deliver my order to a different location just few miles away. After a brief conversation with him he spoke so highly of his company, you need to be aware what a good employee you have in Phil. I definitely plan to order from ULINE in the future knowing that my order will be in good hands with JA Frate.

Ann Dvorak
Murray Commercial

I just wanted to thank you again for placing Jason as our driver. He is always happy and willing to help in any situation. We at Miller Formless have always believed service starts with the people big and small within an organization. Having people like Jason provide service with a smile shows the dedication and ability of JA frate to offer a high grade of service using top notch employees. Also I saw he was rewarded for being excellent at his job and he deserves it. Now his equipment fits the man operating it.

Jayson Slama
Miller Formless

I've been working with JA Frate for a few years and I would like to comment on their services. Becky Conner, as well as the rest of her team at customer service, all do a GREAT job when it comes on getting a pickup or delivery done. Sometimes I would call them late in the day to schedule a pickup of which they're still able to do it - now what does that tell you. In other words I think they live up to their logo, “The Most Dependable Transportation Service in the World”!!! To all at JA Frate: keep up the good work and thank you on my behalf.

Gus Chaidez
Safety Socket LLC

Phil, either truck 178 or 179, delivered my shipment today and he was very pleasant and helpful when he arrived. Everything was in perfect condition and he placed the pallet in the correct spot. I look forward to working with Phil again and he is going above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent customer service as well. Thank you and let Phil know he is doing great work.

Delivery Client