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Find Out About Our Proven New Customer Process

Uncovering your service needs is our main focus. From warehousing and pick and pack, to every corner of the globe, our proven new customer integration process will take you through the steps needed to handle even the most complicated logistics requirements.

JA Process-Discovery & Validation

Discovery & Validation

Your JA account manager will walk you through every aspect of the new customer integration process. The discovery process begins with your account manager learning your organization's structure as well as internal and external customer needs. Following a total understanding of your supply chain and business goals, a responsible and effective solution will be presented for consideration. Then we design a pricing proposal tailored to meet your unique needs, and expectations.

Validation of client discovery comes to the client in the form of a Memo of Understanding. Through the MOU, project summaries are outlined in written detail with the intent of clarifying the scope of work, the solutions to the client challenge, and the cost benefit analysis of the proposed solution. Validation concludes with client approval and a summary of next steps. Typically next steps consist of contractual agreements, terms, and project start dates.

JA Frate Tractor Driver

Operations Onboarding

The physical movement of goods within a distribution center, cross town or cross country truck requires planning, flawless execution; timely communication and activity based reporting. Each of JA’s unique service offering includes the JA Operations Onboarding validation procedure. This procedure in a flow chart format, addresses all touch points from order entry to delivery and concluding communications as required. The Operations on boarding process is backed with the stringent 5 step quality process confirming JA’s position as the most dependable transportation and service provider in the world. 

JA Frate's Online Tools

Client Connections

Once established as a JA customer, we will setup your customized web experience, including EDI connections, logon information and customized security for key individuals on your team. If desired, a JA representative can provide on-site training for all of our web-based applications.

Through My JA Portal, you can:

  • Receive quotes for shipping throughout North America
  • Ship inbound and outbound orders quickly
  • Schedule pickups with your vendors
  • Create BOLs right after booking your load
  • Track shipments in real-time and receive automated alerts
  • Save frequent shippers, consignees and item descriptions
  • Schedule detailed weekly or monthly reports
  • View open invoices and statement reports
Customer Service

Client Support

As a JA customer, you will receive total support in all facets of your business. From dedicated customer service support, customer specific reporting, 24/7 operations support and ongoing continuous improvement processes. The ultimate goal of JA companies is loyal clients for life. JA relishes the opportunity to address challenges of current and future clients with the motto, JA... Just Ask.

Our Proven Integration Process

Client Discovery

Create a Freight Shipping Plan & Budget

Client Discovery is the critical first step to a successful shipping partnership. During discovery, we deliver:

  • Supply Chain Challenges Assessment
  • Capabilities & Needs Matrix
  • Solution Implementation Plan
  • Detailed Pricing Options

Client Validation

Setting You Up For Success

Once we've prepared a proposal, we work with you to guide the adoption and implementation of our partnership.

During Client Validation, we deliver:

  • Client Specific Flow Chart illustrating the scope of work
  • Feedback and Client Approval
  • Business and Process Audit

Operations Validation

Aligning Our Capabilities With Your Needs

Once we've validated our business partnership, we work with you to confirm that our operations processes are in sync.

During Operations Validation, we deliver:

  • 5 Step Operations Onboarding Process
  • 5 Step Quality Process Implementation
  • Feedback and Client Approval

Client Connections

Providing Tools for Continued Success

Following account set up, we confirm all methods of communication, Email, EDI, XML, ACH.  We will give you a web log in and the needed training to initiate a flawless start up.

As part of our Client Connections program, we provide:

  • EDI Connectivity
  • Web Training
  • Web Registration

Client Support

Your Partner for Continuous Improvement

Your first interaction with JA Frate is only the beginning of our partnership. Once you're on board and fully trained, JA provides a framework for continually improving and refining your shipping experience.

As part of our dedicated Client Support practice, we deliver:

  • Implement Continuous Improvement Process
  • Confirmation of Route to Success

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