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Solving Complex Logistics Problems

Complex Logistics Problem Solving

Supply Chain Snarls, Meet Our Dependable Difference

With all of the supply chain snarls resulting from the perfect storm of the pandemic, outdated and deteriorating infrastructure, and the boom in e-commerce, logistics challenges have become ever more complicated. However, that doesn’t mean your strategies have to be complicated. Utilizing an expert team, an elastic mentality, careful planning, and the right resources to get the job done, a tailored solution is within your grasp with JA Frate as your trusted logistics partner. 


JA Frate Transportation continues to solve complex logistics problems by supplying our customers with multiple options to make deliveries on time and safely for our drivers and all staff involved.


We recently had a customer located in Rockford, IL who ordered a seven skid shipment that had multiple oversized skids. Our customer requested a lift gate for the delivery, but our experienced dock operations technicians recognized a complication. The freight was too large for a lift gate. Dock operations followed our internal protocols, which prioritize service and safety, to reach out to our dispatch team about the issue. Our expert dispatch team proactively contacted our customer and explained the situation, the complication, and possible resolution options. 


Since the freight was too large for a lift gate, our dispatch suggested a flatbed delivery and utilizing a forklift to offload the freight. The customer approved and they received their delivery promptly, with the safety of people and cargo at the forefront of each action taken to solve the issue.


This resolution experience isn’t out of the ordinary for our customers. We scrutinize every part of the process, every step of the way, so you don’t have to. Put yourself and your cargo in our hands. We care about you, your people, and your goods as if they were our own. Reach out to the JA umbrella of companies today and let us tailor local solutions to your complex logistics needs today.