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The Impact of Lunar New Year on Shipping and Domestic Trucking at JA Frate

Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon

Why Integrated Services:

Lunar New Year

From February 10 - 24, families around the world will travel home to celebrate with their families and friends, bringing everything else to a halt as the Chinese Zodiac shifts from the water rabbit to the wood dragon, signaling success, prosperity, and evolution. 

This pause extends to the factories and businesses in Asia, particularly China, a global manufacturing and shipping hub. The shutdown of operations during this period causes a ripple effect across the logistics sector, influencing shipping schedules, capacity, and lead times around the globe.


 At JA Frate, understanding these effects is crucial for navigating the period's challenges and opportunities, ensuring that our customers' needs are met with the efficiency and reliability they've come to expect.

For JA Frate's customers and the domestic trucking industry in the United States, the impact of the Lunar New Year is twofold. First, there's a pre-holiday rush as businesses anticipate closures and push to move their goods out of Asia before the festivities begin. This surge in demand can lead to capacity constraints, increased shipping rates, and longer lead times. Planning and adjusting logistics strategies ahead of this rush is vital for maintaining supply chain fluidity.


Second, the post-holiday period presents its own set of challenges. As factories and businesses gradually resume operations, delays and backlogs can affect the timely movement of goods. This scenario underscores the importance of strategic planning and flexibility in logistics arrangements to mitigate potential disruptions.

At JA Frate, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to these seasonal shifts. We strive to ensure our customers can navigate the Lunar New Year's logistical complexities with minimal disruption. Our commitment to providing seamless, reliable service remains steadfast, reflecting our understanding, respect, and appreciation of the global events that shape our industry.


The Lunar New Year reminds us of the intricate connections within the global supply chain and the importance of cultural awareness in our operations. As we celebrate the Year of the Dragon, JA Frate remains dedicated to excellence, ensuring that our customers' shipping and logistics needs are met with precision and care. If you want to enter the Year of the Dragon with an expert logistics partner by your side, contact JA Frate.