International Shipping Containers

Confused by FOB?

Free or freight on board (FOB) is an important aspect of most international shipments, placing liability on either the shipper or receiver. However, many who are new to shipping or receiving may be unfamiliar with this term and its importance. Learn more here at JA Frate today and request a freight rate today.


Choosing The Right Warehouse

There are several types of warehouses and functions to keep in mind, along with many other aspects to consider when it comes selecting a warehouse location.  Learn more about how each of these warehouses works and their different functions.

5 Questions That Supply Chain Managers Need to Ask

One of the main ways to assess the overall sustainability of business operation is to take a close look at the supply chain. Oftentimes this is a challenge for businesses, because the evaluation, transparency, and power to rework a practice or product are all typically more difficult beyond the internals of the company itself. Here are some questions that supply chain managers should ask to make sure the supply chain is consistently optimized.

9 Questions CEOs Should Ask About Their Supply Chains

There are certain questions that CEOs should ask about their supply chains if they want to maintain alignment with business goals along with efficiency.

5 Ways Logistics Can Ensure Supply Chain Success

5 Reasons Why Logistics is Key to Supply Chain Success

Get the right products to the right customers at the right time. Sounds simple enough, right? But anyone experienced in supply chain management knows that fulfilling this one simple promise to your customer base is much more complex than it seems. What's the solution? The secret formula comes through your logistics strategy. Having effective logistics operations makes the difference between surpassing your goals and driving away business.

How Are Rates for Trucking Operations Calculated?

Trucking rates are calculated based on several different factors. Learn about these different factors along with the terminology for them here at JA Frate.