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Servicing Success with the Dependable Difference

Our divisions are working in tandem to offer complete supply chain services while being committed to the overall mission of providing great customer care. For our importers, we can source service providers for containers to be transloaded at port or to a JA Logistics warehouse and also source a trucker to linehaul that freight to the receiver.


Analysts expect it to get worse before it gets better. 260,000 TEU of containers were recently released from a locked-down Shanghai set to hit US ports soon. Port congestion and transloading issues only going to get more complicated. Let's get it done together at JA Frate and JA Logistics.

The Carrier of the Year Award

JA Frate has won The Carrier of the Year Award - Illinois Branch for the fifth consecutive year. Every employee is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of service and integrity. It's that respect and integrity with which we treat all our employees that drive success.

ULINE's Mike Sholar Presents President Jill Dinsmore and CEO Doug Jennings the 2020 Illinois Carrier of the Year Award

McHenry, Illinois – JA Frate received the 2020 Carrier of the Year award from ULINE on April 27th at the Crystal Lake, Illinois location.

Pallet Dimensionalizers in Transportation

Carriers often require accurate dimensions in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. With dimensions, freight class and weight, shippers need enough information to receive the most accurate quote possible. But why do carriers need dimensions? And how do you ensure you have the correct ones?

Supply Chain and Trucking Trends To Follow In 2020

The past year held numerous changes to the transportation and logistics industries. From new autonomous technology and trucks to revised FMCSA laws and regulations, we’ve picked out the top trends and challenges to watch for in 2020.

What Are Overlength Fees?

Staying on top of overlength fees and trends can help you better plan shipments and total transportation costs. This common accessorial charge can be added to your freight invoice for going over a carrier’s specified length limits.


Every company that transports freight is required by law to provide cargo liability coverage. But why does this matter to shippers? Understanding freight liability – as well as limited liability – will give you a better picture of what happens if your freight is lost, damaged or stolen while being transported.

What To Consider When Choosing A 3PL

Deciding the costs vs. benefits of utilizing a third-party logistics (3PL) partner requires several considerations, from the time it takes to book shipments to pricing and managing your freight. To help in your decision, we’ve put together 5 benefits to consider when thinking about using a 3PL.

Weighing Freight with Scales

With 18 freight classes to choose from, determining your freight’s class can be difficult. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid costly reweighs due to inaccurate freight class.

International Freight or Free on Board

Free or freight on board (FOB) is an important aspect of most international shipments, placing liability on either the shipper or receiver. However, many who are new to shipping or receiving may be unfamiliar with this term and its importance. 

Chicago Warehouse

There are several types of warehouses and functions to keep in mind, along with many other aspects to consider when it comes selecting a warehouse location. Learn more about how each of these warehouses works.

Choosing the Right Warehouse

One of the main ways to assess the overall sustainability of business operation is to take a close look at the supply chain. Oftentimes the evaluation, transparency and power to rework a practice or product in your supply chain can be more difficult to handle. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Success

Those experienced in supply chain management know that getting the right products to the right customers at the right time is much more complex than it seems. What's the solution? The secret formula comes from having effective logistics operations, which can make the difference between surpassing your goals and driving away business.

Calculating Freight Shipping Rates

Trucking rates are calculated based on several different factors like shipment weight and density, but where do you get started to ensure your rate is accurate?