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Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon

As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, the Lunar New Year brings a tapestry of traditions, celebrations, and, notably, far-reaching impacts on the logistics

Integrated Global Logistics

Discover how JA Frate Group's integrated logistics services offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customization for seamless supply chain management.


CFS Bonded Status:

Discover how JA Logistics' new CFS bonded status enriches our logistics solutions and customer experience.

CFS Bonded Status:

Unlock the secrets of a successful shipper and dive deep into the importance of a Bill of Lading with JA Frate's decades of expertise.

National Motor Freight Traffic Association

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) recently released updates to the National Motor Freight Classification (

Jill Jennings Dinsmore

JA Frate is proud to spotlight its president, Jill Jennings Dinsmore, who started in the business young and is fifty percent woman. She credits the highly visible supply chain industry and new education opportunities for her success.

Changing Consumer Trends

According to analysts, the pandemic sped up the transition to e-commerce by four to six years.

Unions at a crossroad

A rail strike could happen as early as November 19, and likely by December 3. Experts say that this action could cripple the US economy and cost upwards of $2 billion dollars a day.

Complex Logistics Problem Solving

Logistics challenges have become more complicated, but they don't have to be. A tailored solution is within your grasp with JA Frate as your trusted logistics partner. Reach out to the JA umbrella of companies today and let us tailor local solutions to your complex logistics needs.

Typhoon Troubles in China
China Typhoon Troubles

Typhoon Muifa is expected to hit Shanghai today. This comes just ten days after Super Typhoon Hinnamnor hammered the area. Analysts say that while they don't expect too much damage, Muifa, while a smaller storm, is slow-moving and will compound delays.

Railroads are facing a strike

A provisional deal has been endorsed by 10 of the twelve rail unions. The impact of a strike might be felt by tens of thousands of workers.

Summer Means Success with JA Frate

The New York Times recently ran an editorial discussing the loneliness and regulations of life on the road. Drivers are key to ensuring goods reach retailers in time for holidays. The US started 2022 80,000 drivers short of what they needed. There are still 3.36 million truck drivers in the US alone.