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Servicing Success with the Dependable Difference

Our divisions are working in tandem to offer complete supply chain services while being committed to the overall mission of providing great customer care. For our importers, we can source service providers for containers to be transloaded at port or to a JA Logistics warehouse and also source a trucker to linehaul that freight to the receiver.


Analysts expect it to get worse before it gets better. 260,000 TEU of containers were recently released from a locked-down Shanghai set to hit US ports soon. Port congestion and transloading issues only going to get more complicated. Let's get it done together at JA Frate and JA Logistics.

The Carrier of the Year Award

JA Frate has won The Carrier of the Year Award - Illinois Branch for the fifth consecutive year. Every employee is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of service and integrity. It's that respect and integrity with which we treat all our employees that drive success.

Questions To Ask About Your Supply Chain

Ensuring your supply chain aligns with current and future business goals can be tough. These 9 questions will help you better understand how you can tweak your supply chain to reach these goals.

Minimize Damaged Shipments

Any carrier can move freight from point A to point B, but moving your freight damage free can be a different story. Since you can’t ride along with your shipment, make sure that you are doing what you can to help prevent damage or loss of your shipment.